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Mall Road has become a sit-in point

Lahore’s roadmap has turned into a cross-meeting point. In the coming days, employees of various departments and other people sit here to allow the injustice done to them to the upper chamber. The demands arise only upon acceptance. The Mall Road is the best platform for protestors of any political party in the country.

Mall Road has become a sit-in point

At present the mall road health worker sit-in continued for several days. Eventually their demands were granted. As per the new notification of the Punjab Government, 50% Lady Health Supervisor will be promoted from Grade 7 to Grade 10. 35% will get Grade 12 while 15% will get Grade 14.

In August 2017, about 50,000 workers were regularized on their jobs, the Secretary Health said, detailing the measures. Health workers’ salaries were released unopposed through district accounts offices. Service rolls were approved in October 2017 and the publication of these service rolls was ensured in the November Gazette. All salaries up to March 1, 2018 have been paid on time.

Notification of supervisory allowance of Rs. 5,000 per month has been issued for Lady Health Supervisor. One billion twenty crore rupees has been released as the first installment in terms of government dues. The money will reach the accounts of Lady Health Workers this month. Even if the dues were to be paid by the federal government. But the provincial government has provided this amount in the provincial budget, taking into account the difficulties of its employees.

Work on the Service Road Summary began in January 2018. This is the fastest example of Lady Health Worker’s approval in August 2017 and work on the service structure. LAHORE: The Lahore High Court has demanded a report from the Home Secretary Punjab, calling for an end to the protest of Lady Health Workers on Mall Road. The court inquired why the government has not yet tried to legislate on a sit-in and a protest on Mall Road. In the light of the court order, the sit-off on Mall Road should be abolished.

The court had also directed the Home Secretary Punjab to submit a report following the court orders. On the other hand, the life of the citizens is paralyzed by the slopes on Mall Road. The traffic system is disrupted. Traffic jams can last many hours. Older citizens, including children, women, are also trapped in this worst traffic jam. The ambulance does not find a way.

Mall Road has become a sit-in point

Patients have difficulty going to hospital. Other students, including students, face difficulties in reaching their destination. Because mall road sharing is the most important crossroads of Laurel. Traffic from other parts of the city also has to pass through this area. And when the mall road is closed in case of obstacles, it is difficult for the commuters to converge, which makes the traffic unstable.

The business of the Mall Road traders is almost over. Thanks to the day-to-day trends, markets are closed. Shopping is also reduced at stores. It would not be wrong to say that. The strips on Mall Road have left the businessmen on the road economically. In spite of the court order, the local administration failed to stop the sit-in and repeatedly failed to stop the sit-in in violation of the judicial order.

And repeatedly violates court orders. In the five-day stretch of the Mall Road Charing Cross where traffic problems continue to be impractical for the people, the management of the ticket alone has suffered more than Rs. According to the zoo’s records, on March 25, 29,717 people visited and Rs 9,455,900 were collected in terms of ticketing but after the March 26 sit-in, the zoo saw a decline in revenue.

Director, La Hore Zoo, says the zoo’s income must have an impact whenever the mall is closed on the road or when the road is closed. A large number of schools and colleges are worried about visitors coming from remote areas. An average of 30,000 to 60,000 people visit the zoo. This number increases on holidays, Fridays and Saturdays. Due to the torrential rains of the day, the mall has been destroyed.

Mall Road has become a sit-in point

The pile of rubbish has diminished its beauty, while the waste management staff disappears during the monsoon. Empty juice boxes and empty buckets of various bakery items appear everywhere, and if the sit-down continues for a long time, the garbage on the road turns into a pile of rubbish. And the staff of the corporation also disappears for many days, neglecting its duties. Cleanliness is not.

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