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Pakistani diplomat killed in US ambassador’s vehicle

After a slight questioning he let it go. He should have arrested him while completing legal proceedings but after getting permission on the phone, did he walk? This is not the first time Raymond Davies’ case is so old, which pushed innocent Pakistani citizens into the valley of Kamoot. Will this be the case with Pakistanis? Is the law here only for the weak Pakistanis? If any Pakistani was to do such thing, then the police should come and move.

Pakistani diplomat killed in US ambassador’s vehicle

This means that if any American comes and pushes Pakistani laws, it is not a difficult task. The way he was checked on the Prime Minister’s visit to Pakistan in the last days is in front of everyone and was shown on the television screen.

If a modest diplomat has ‘immunity’, the prime minister should have immunity in the matter of checking. But there is a law for everyone, a country must respect the law, and it is the duty of every citizen to obey it. In the eyes of the American people, our status is like insects. Two weeks ago, Pakistan protested with the United States over the death of a civilian and injured another in the collision of an American diplomat’s car, according to a Foreign Office statement.

Foreign Secretary strongly protested the death of the young man and injured another, Tehmina Janjua told the US ambassador that the requirements of justice will be met under the Vienna Convention on Foreign Law and Diplomatic Relations, on the occasion US Ambassador David Hale Expressing deep sympathy and regret over the loss of life and assured that the US Embassy would cooperate fully in the investigation process but the law has not yet come into force, according to a private TV channel. The US Embassy refused to grant access to the defensive. Yes, the police have written to the Foreign Ministry for help, while the Interior Ministry Expressing gratitude on the report of the deposition, the SHO sought clarification, according to a report received by the Interior Ministry.

Pakistani diplomat killed in US ambassador’s vehicle

The traffic sergeant at the scene confirmed the breaking of the signal of the American attic vehicle, he suggested medical of the accused. But the SHO did not hear one, the interior ministry has sought explanation from the inspector on whom he left the diplomat. The accused should not have been released until the statement of the Foreign Office, after minor action, the young Atiq was handed over to the village village Talhad, where a large number of people attended the funeral prayer, while Atiq’s father said that with one of ours. No hostility, he said that justice requirements should be met, neither the government nor the embassies have contacted. The legal action will be decided after consultation with the community.

Injured Rachel was transported to Poly Clinic Hospital Surgical Ward Two, Rachel’s shank and heel bone are broken, Rachel said in her statement that the American military attache was responsible for the incident because it was a mistake. Our signal was open while all other vehicles were parked on the other side, but the American Military Attic’s vehicle broke the signal and hit us on the spot and I suffered many injuries. After that I was unaware. It’s been almost a month, but US suspect Colonel Joseph has not been arrested yet.

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