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Planning to turn sure success into failure

Although the general election has not yet begun, but two months before the assemblies dissolve, electoral activities have begun. PML-N Leader Muhammad Nawaz Sharif President PML-N Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz are demonstrating their political strength by addressing the big gatherings, PTI also compared the ‘membership campaign’ He has started addressing Corner meetings in Rawalpindi after Lahore. After Lahore, the PTI could not do any ‘impressive’ show on which the PML-N leader and Imran Khan’s political rival Muhammad. Hanif Abbasi has heard that an “alien” came to Rawalpindi the next day.

Planning to turn sure success into failure

It should be noted that in the 2013 elections, Imran Khan Hanif Abbasi was elected a member of the National Assembly after defeating the NA-56 in Rawalpindi, which has now become 60, and retained his membership in this seat. Where Mohammad Hanif Abbasi stands ready to face them. But it is noteworthy that Imran Khan has not visited his constituency for the last five years.

So now he is avoiding contesting from this constituency, he is heading in search of a new constituency in Rawalpindi. He has been seeking asylum with Malik Abrar since NA-54, which has now become NA-61, while Malik Abrar has been elected from this constituency three consecutive Member National and Provincial Assemblies. Rawalpindi’s “unsuccessful political tycoon” has planned to run for the parliament, contesting elections from NA 60 and 62.

It is not known whether the “captain” allows Sheikh Rasheed to contest from two seats. Rawalpindi, which is the stronghold of the PML-N, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan is the only leader who is seen out of respect for all Muslim League workers of Rawalpindi, beyond the grouping, but since some elements within the party have been involved in Rawalpindi Muslim Legacy leaders have tried to turn them away The party’s grip on the city has weakened.

Chaudhry Tanveer Khan is one of the leaders in Rawalpindi who has always stood with the party leadership in difficult times. He remained unstable at the party for the last four to five years, but no leader could fill his vacancy. Ever since he was elected to the upper house, he has been active in the party. His son-in-law Barrister Daniyal Chaudhry, who is the new entrant in Rawalpindi politics, has also made room for himself in domestic politics by working day and night in Maryam Nawaz’s media team.

Planning to turn sure success into failure

Ever since Chaudhry Tanveer Khan’s meeting with Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has started, there has been anxiety and anxiety among the Muslim Legacy factions in Rawalpindi. It has now become known that Burmese will be chaired by Nisar Ali Khan and Chaudhry Tanveer Khan to determine the direction of politics in Rawalpindi. In Rawalpindi, the divided Muslim League does not appear to be in a position to confront its political opponents, but its vote bank is with its party in cold and hot weather.

If all the leaders of the PML-N sit together in Rawalpindi, opponents in Rawalpindi cannot snatch a seat from them. PTI has also intensified the search for “elective” while some have shown the way to join the PTI by twisting the “elective” arm. The shepherds are hauling “the” changing “goats” to their new destination and the game is being played year after year.

The political analyst who holds hands on the pulse of the people says that the one who is now Nawaz Sharif’s “honor the vote” will be sharply blown away by all the obstacles on his way. Will go The planning in the drawing room is defeated in the field of politics. I remember that in 2002, the game came out of the Hung Parliamant makers that they had to veto the PPP for a majority of the one vote to make Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali the Prime Minister.

Kurine points out that the PML-N is now planning to turn the election into a sure success, but the plans of the “suspended parliament” makers can be a go-between. PPP parliamentarian President Asif Ali Zardari is making loud claims. He has promoted Nawaz Sharif from politics.

He has challenged Mian Nawaz Sharif to snatch him from the ministry as well as the chief minister of Punjab, to which Mian Nawaz Sharif jokingly said, “Asif Ali Zardari instead of making loud claims, first in Punjab Show up by getting over 500 votes.

Planning to turn sure success into failure

The worst breakdown is taking place within the PML-N, which some members of the southern Punjab Assembly have revolted. The five-member National Assembly and the two-member Punjab Assembly have since left the PML-N to form their own separate group on the One Point Agenda of the formation of the province of South Punjab and have been named “South Punjab Province Front”.

The group will serve as the chairmanship of senior parliamentarian Mir Balkh Sher Mazari and chair of Khusro Bakhtiar, a young parliamentarian. The group may add more members, but these are the people who do not feel comfortable changing the political parties. In each election, their priority is a new party. The sudden breakdown in Muslim League N has intensified.

Punjab being the largest province in the country Therefore “Powerbase” is known as. The party which wins the majority from Punjab, the crown of the rule of the country falls on its head. The PML-N has emerged as the majority party from Punjab in the last two elections, but the Muslim League leadership is still convinced that despite all odds and troubles, its slogan “Honor the vote” is spread throughout Pakistan. Will resonate and the majority of the PML-N will remain.

Various members of the Assembly, who were elected independently in the parliament in 2013, are now sweeping the Muslim League N with different hauls. These members of the Assembly have changed many parties in the past as well. Some members have set a record of changing parties during the last four to five years so changing the party for them is not a “political sin”.

Maryam Aurangzeb, of the Muslim League-N’s “Tigress”, has rightly called them “accustomed looters”. The tragedy of domestic politics is that it has an abundance of people who do not tolerate even the slightest pressure of “invisible forces” and stand ready to bow to the new sleeve. The PML-N had the backing of at least two-thirds of the majority in the National Assembly, which is now decreasing by one and the “burden”.

Planning to turn sure success into failure

A large number of them are independent members who are now restoring their independent status. NAB, on the other hand, has also moved to make the Muslim League’s “autocratic” assembly on its way. Some members of the Muslim League-N assembly have collapsed on the same block of the NAB while some are still unable to twist their arms. The latest target among them is the PML-N president’s rich position in the KP, which the NAB has called for in the KPK to provide sources of income for the PML-N to survive, but he is daring to lead the party.

PML-N leader and former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif has taken notice of the ‘pre-poll’ and threatened that he would not accept the results of the upcoming polls if the “pre-polling” was not stopped. It has been said that what happened with the PML-N senators is going to happen in the upcoming elections, it cannot be that anyone can be suppressed and someone should be given open leave, after removing me from the post of party president. There is going to be a free and fair election.

Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that after the removal of me from the post of party president, which free and fair election will take place and if all this continues to happen then how can the free and fair election be? Mian Nawaz Sharif has raised the important question of free and fair election. For those who claim to have a moment of thought.

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