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Le Chic Welcomes the Fabulous Alexis Muecke to the Team!

Alexis1 177x300 Le Chic Welcomes the Fabulous Alexis Muecke to the Team!

Le Chic Weddings and Events welcomes the fabulous Alexis Muecke to the team as a lead consultant. She comes from a fast paced background with worldwide experience in the weddings and event planning industry.  She has worked on the coordination of weddings and events for professional athletes, actors and socialites.

Alexis’s Haute Tip:

“Details are what sets apart ordinary events from extraordinary events!  Focus on what details you can add to your event that makes guests know that it is sentimental to you”

A recent wedding that Alexis designed and coordinated for the Colorado Rockies pitcher!  Check out the beautiful wedding captured by 4120, florals by Leigh of Posies Flowers.  The ceremony took place at USD Founders Chapel, and the reception at Bali Hai

Josh & Alyssa // San Diego, CA from FortyOneTwenty on Vimeo.

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Association of Bridal Consultants -April Meeting

Here are some pictures from our meeting! Photos are courtesy of the talented Brett Charles Rose.

Cool vendors that participated:

Host Venue: The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe (video from my previous post!)

Entertainment: Sunset Mobile Music-Dominic Meyer

Photography: Brett Charles Rose Photography

Centerpiece Stands (super cute cupcake holders!): Enticing Tables

Bakery: Sweet! Cupcake Catering (I had their delicious red velvet cupcake)

Florist: Blush Botanicals (love their stuff!)

Favors: Spa Gregories (satchel that relaxes you…always saves the day!)

25421 116727138345288 100000240062646 209834 1796057 n Association of Bridal Consultants  April Meeting25421 116727151678620 100000240062646 209836 3102239 n Association of Bridal Consultants  April Meeting

I love this Centerpiece!

25421 116727361678599 100000240062646 209868 8235278 n Association of Bridal Consultants  April Meeting

Wouldn’t this be cute for a flower girl?

25421 116726878345314 100000240062646 209794 7599801 n1 Association of Bridal Consultants  April Meeting

I won a free night at THE INN! Here I am claiming my ticket! whoopee!

25421 116727521678583 100000240062646 209898 7882788 n Association of Bridal Consultants  April Meeting

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“Love Notes”

From my beautiful bride Danielle and her Dashing Sailor Adam:

Thank you so much for everything you did.  The day was wonderful and so much fun for both of us as well as our guests.  I loved not having to worry about anything and was surprised at how well I was able to let you do everything and not even think twice about it all!!   I will definitely refer you to anyone and everyone I know getting married in the san diego area!!


Danielle & Adam Griffin

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Please Email me if you are interested!

Casting engaged couples with Big Wedding Dreams!
TLC’s Battle of the Wedding Planners is currently casting for our last episode. The Network really wants to do a High Budget “Platinum” Type wedding…thus, we are only seeking couples right now with $40 – $100k budgets. We will then add our $10k and with all of our trade outs, the wedding will be worth close to $200k! Our 3 wedding planners will compete to outdue each other, and once they have “presented” you their wedding locations and designs, you will get to pick which is the wedding of your dreams…2 weeks later, you’ll get it!

Email: info@lechicweddingconsulting.com

You would have to be willing to have your wedding The last weekend of May or first weekend of June, but we will take care of EVERYTHING all you have to do is get your guests to come!!!

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Wedding Party Drama Control: Save the Drama Before it Starts!

After you said “Yes” you run over to your phone and facebook, twitter, text to let all your friends know that you are engaged!  In your mind you already have your girls picked out and you envision all of them to be perfect angels standing beside you on your wedding day.  They may have every intention of being the perfect bridesmaid, but they may not know what that entails!

That’s why I’ve created this report “Wedding Party Drama Control: Save the Drama Before It Starts!” to save you from some drama and show you how to set the expectations in advance.

Many brides make the mistake of assuming that bridesmaids know how to act or what is expected of them, but the truth is the majority don’t.  As a result, some feathers can get ruffled.

I”m going to share with you the top 5 hot buttons to get you and your entourage started on the right foot!

1)  The Bridesmaid Dress: This is the #1 hot button!  You and the girls are ecstatic and hit up the shops, next thing you know you’ve got 5 or 6 divas on your hands!  Let the drama begin! Everyone has their own opinion and choices and they are not shy to express it.  (Have you seen “Say Yes to the Dress?)  The best way to deal with this is to pick out the dress in advance! Then if you want to give them the option of changing the bust style then let them know that is their choice.  By the way, it’s tradition that they pay for the dress in case it comes up.

2)  Getting Dolled Up:  I always get asked by the poor bride trying not to step on anyone’s toes, ” Am I supposed to pay for the girl’s hair and makeup?”  They may think you should, but the answer is “No”  They should respect your decision if you want them to get their hair and makeup done by a pro.  After all they will be in your wedding photos forever!  Most makeup artists charge a lot less for bridesmaids.

3)  Don’t Gloss over their Duties:  Many brides don’t know what they should ask of their bridesmaids so they usually don’t ask them to do much except show up to party!  You need to ask them for help, otherwise they won’t know what you need help with.  If you have DIY projects or tasks such as addressing envelopes, set a date with the girls and have them help you.  You can also spread out tasks amongst the girls so that no one gets overwhelmed (especially you).

4)  “Blame it on the Alcohol”:  We all know that catchy tune, but you don’t want your wedding party singing this to you.  This applies to the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  I worked at a wedding where the brother of the bride started drinking heavily before the ceremony and into the reception.  He was supposed to do a toast but was MIA.  I finally located him in the restroom, which he refused to leave.  When he finally got back to his seat, it was clear that he was in no way capable of doing a speech that night.  Everyone loves a bubbly to jump start a celebration, but kindly remind your wedding party to take it easy on the drinks earlier in the day.  You do not want anyone stumbling down the aisle distracting they guests from your grand entrance.

5)  Time is Money:  Aside from your marriage license, the time line is the next most important document.  Be clear with your wedding party where they need to meet and at what time.  Also, go over the major events with them so they know what to expect.  I always have to track down a missing bridesmaid or groomsmen having a great time at cocktail hour because they didn’t realize that everyone is waiting for them for group pics.  Trust me, you will not be happy sitting around waiting for a member of the wedding party to show up.  When they say “Time is Money” on your wedding day it IS… literally.  Le Chic Wedding Consulting knows that if you have to run on overtime, it can get very costly.  It’s a domino effect, the venue will charge extra, the photographer has to stay longer, the DJ has to extend open dancing just to name a few.  With Le Chic customizing your time line and managing the day, you can relax and trust that we are doing our best to keep things on track.  With over 30 weddings under our belt, leave it to us to wrangle in the kittens so you can focus on the most important thing; Your new husband!  Le Chic Wedding Consulting defines the ultimate wedding stress escape, you can reach us at info@lechicweddingconsulting.com

Being a bride can be overwhelming at times.  You are new at this and it can be uncomfortable asking for help sometimes.  But setting the expectations from the beginning will save your friendships in the long run.  Just remember to pick your wedding party wisely.  Pick the girls that you are BFFs with right now, not 10 years ago.  You don’t owe anyone, remember that it’s YOUR day!

Happy Planning,

8A9285640FCA05EEA746A6D83AC48A1C Wedding Party Drama Control: Save the Drama Before it Starts!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We wish you had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy, Prosperous New Year!  Congrats on the newly engaged! Let Wedding Bells Ring through 2010!

Much Love,


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Is there a way to ask for money instead of wedding gifts?

Let’s get to the facts.  There are many circumstances today that have couples wanting cash over gifts from a traditional registry.   With the average age of  engaged couples rising, many households are already established with all the kitchen and household gadgets.  Also, more and more, I see that couples are paying for the majority of their own wedding, they want to save up for a down payment on a new home, or pay for their honeymoon.  Almost everyone in the world has felt the impact of the recession in 2009.  As a result, there has been a culture shift where people in general are cutting back and trying to live more practically.

There are many cultures where giving money as a wedding gift is the norm.  It is pretty much expected, or implied.  For example, the asian culture (Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian) it is completely acceptable to receive money as a gift.  These lucky couples normally don’t even have to send the word out that they want cash, and many gloat that the money they receive usually pays for their wedding, honeymoon, and some left over to spare!  The typical expectation is $50-$100 per person or $500 and up if you are a relative of the couple.

Traditionally, the American culture views asking for cold hard cash as a social stigma.  So is there really a way to ask for money politely?  The answer is yes.  As I mentioned before, the American culture also has shifted towards monetary gifts.  The national survey revealed that over 95% of brides and grooms prefer money over traditional registry gifts and over 80% of guests prefer to give money as well.  The key is to ask for it tactfully.

Here are some guidelines:

1)  Don’t write or put any requests in the invitations.  Have your immediate family and wedding party (your entourage) spread the word to the guests.

2) Still register at your favorite store, so your entourage can say, “they are registered at ____ but I know they are saving for _____” Also, some guests may not feel comfortable with giving money so it is proper etiquette for them to have an alternative.

3) Put a message on your website…” We are saving for our dream honeymoon or dream home etc”

4) A cool site that I stumbled upon is www.myregistry.com.  It is a cool site where you can register for cash or just about anything you want.  Not everyone one wants a bunch of kitchen gadgets.  This site makes it less awkward to ask for cash.  There is no set-up fee and it works through paypal.

5)  If you want money, most guests will usually give cash or check in a wedding card.  It is very important to get a gift card box or holder and make sure you assign a gift attendant.  I’ve heard horror stories about the cards going missing =(

I hope this gives you some good tips on how to get some money! ca-ching!



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Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Brides and Grooms,

I just wanted to wish everyone and their family a Happy Thanksgiving!  During this time of year, it’s always nice to take a minute out of our busy days and think about the things we are thankful for.  I am so thankful for my loving and supportive husband Scott, my sweet lil baby Brielle, my family, my friends and all the wonderful brides and grooms that I get  to work with.  Every couple that I work with leaves a special imprint on my heart.  Also, I am thankful for all the amazing vendors that I get to work with! 

Happy Turkey Day!


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Roof Collapsed at Isis Bridal Shop

The most bizarre thing happened at Isis Bridal today. Their roof collapsed! I’m so glad that no one was hurt. For more information: http://www.760kfmb.com/Global/story.asp?S=11541687

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Why Should You Hire A Wedding Consultant?

jlo1 184x300 Why Should You Hire A Wedding Consultant?

Dear Brides & Grooms,

Please read this article on why you need a wedding coordinator.



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