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Dream of US occupation of Middle East resources!

In the world where piles of weapons are being piled on one side, hunger pangs on the other are increasing day by day, on the one hand there is talk of peace while on the other hand the so-called war on terror for the capture of global resources. Most countries are being subjected to civil war; on the one hand weapons are roaring and poverty on the other hand is increasing rapidly.

Dream of US occupation of Middle East resources!

The human mind is unable to understand why today’s human rights activists are inviting the devastations of war instead of eradicating hunger. Of the world’s 7 billion population, 2 billion people are forced to live in extreme conditions, with an estimated 22,000 children being consumed daily due to hunger, violent conflicts in many countries and Despite the natural resources due to the war, they are highly vulnerable, including Congo, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Eritrea, Central African Republic, Niger, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Togo, Madagascar, Afghanistan and many other countries, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have significantly reduced production due to drought.

Nearly 870 million people are facing food shortages in the United States and the European Union as well. Food shortages are costing valuable lives, which the UN itself has raised concerns that the problem will worsen in the coming days. The stock of food, kept for 104 days 10 years ago, has shrunk to 74 days, which is a risk.

The so-called war on terror has resulted in bloodshed, as well as local resources and productive resources. While arms race and military spending continue to increase to strengthen international or regional grip, but efforts to eradicate poverty are hardly worth it, it is worth noting here that the largest spenders on defense The first in the list of countries is the United States. Now the question is, why are there contradictions in the view that the major contenders for peace in the world, the so-called war on terror? Why are these countries raising anti-military resources by raising military spending in the name of security and peace? There is no doubt that the United States, above all else, has the capability to spread a concept or apology in the world, but will its superiority remain so in the future? Will the United States position itself as a cultural and ideological leader on other global nations? ۔

Dream of US occupation of Middle East resources!

Will American culture prevail over globalized culture? Whoever makes the United States sells it to other countries or uses it for his own immoral purposes in other countries. From 1979 on the Afghan soil, whatever weapons were used in different forms at different times, whether from the West or the North West, have been used to this day for war and bloodshed.

If seen, the United States spent about $ 641 billion on defense from 2001 to 2013, while $ 1.63 trillion was spent on military spending worldwide in 2011. India, too, sees defense spending at $ 48.9 billion, which accounts for 2.8 percent of the world’s defense spending. The United States exported $ 8760 million in 2012, Russia $ 8003 million, Germany $ 193 million, France $ 1193 million, China exported $ 1783 million; other arms exporting countries included Britain, Italy, Israel, Sweden, Spain, Canada and South Korea.

World colonial America has begun to shake hands to establish its dominance in the world since World War II, which is why American mediation has been dominated by many countries in the Middle East, but in some countries even today. The laws are the same as those created by the French; however, today, all who know the name of Israel as the scandal that has been imposed by Western nations on the frontier of humanity since World War II.

Everyone is well aware of how France and other European powers, including the United States and the United Kingdom, shared the ports of North Africa, including the Middle East. The United States left no stone unturned to occupy the resources of Asia North Africa and the Middle East, and Israel is at the forefront of this task. The term “New World Order” of the colonial United States of America also means the American occupation of the whole world and the monopoly of Palestine through the Zionist state, such as Israel, the unclean project of Greater Israel (Nil Tafserat), Israel over Lebanon.

Dream of US occupation of Middle East resources!

Defending the attacks, sending troops to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, seizing resources there, interfering in Pakistan’s internal affairs, plotting instability with the help of weapons and dollars to terrorist forces in Syria, just like in Egypt. , Sudan and Somalia, including Tunisia, Yemen, are clear examples of US aggression Here the United States has ever struck blood on human rights, sometimes deadly weapons and sometimes in the name of democracy and then seizing all the resources there, interfering in Pakistan’s internal affairs, disarming terrorist forces in Syria with the help of dollars and dollars. There are clear examples of US aggression in Sudan and Somalia, including Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, where conspiracies have been established, where the United States has ever had human rights, sometimes deadly weapons, and sometimes gym.

If human rights activists are truly truthful in their claims, they should give evidence of being peaceful by shutting down confrontations against backward countries. There are no two opinions that war is a sign of destruction and death, and that avoiding peace and development is guaranteed. Poor countries are forced to live below the poverty line despite the progress in developed countries, where the need now is to risk developing the so-called defensive budget under the guise of the so-called war on terror. Spend so that the dream of peace can be embarrassed.

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