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Second installment of air cargo from Afghanistan to India!

Afghanistan has the status of a Landlock State because of the lack of access to the sea. Due to this status, Pakistan has been facilitating the transit of Afghanistan’s trade goods since the early 60s and it has continued to do so. There is an agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan called Afghan Transit Trade.

Second installment of air cargo from Afghanistan to India!

The deal was signed in 2010 with a transit trade agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan, under which a special route for transporting trucks carrying goods from Afghanistan to the Wagah border near Lahore and beaches in Karachi. Was allowed to ship from India to India. Under this agreement it was decided to give Pakistani trucks access to Central Asian countries via Afghanistan but due to various administrative reasons, the agreement was fully implemented. Didn’t happen

The deal was signed by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and it looked as if the Americans were negotiating the deal directly. The US government urged the Pakistani government to allow Afghanistan’s goods to reach India, and in the same way, India’s goods should go to Afghanistan through the Pakistani border. Interested in the US deal was that under the same agreement, he also sent NATO troops to Afghanistan.

The agreement was signed by the US because of pressure but after that it could not get the agreement from Pakistan. India, through Afghanistan and the United States, tried very hard to get its goods to Afghanistan, but that did not happen, after which India turned against Pakistan in order to repatriate goods coming to Pakistan under the Afghan Transit Trade Agreement. Planning to shift routes began with Pakistan and China starting their strategic relationship with SeaPeak.

Second installment of air cargo from Afghanistan to India!

After this new partnership between Pakistan and China laid mourning in New Delhi, India tried hard to stop the project and even tried to seduce China, but when nothing was done then the basic As a means of minimizing but also eliminating Afghanistan’s dependence on Pakistan through Pak-Afghan transit trade, India has annexed Iran and in the first phase the upgrade of the Iranian port Chad Bihar was initiated. As it is being developed as a replacement for the C-pack, however, the goal of upgrading the home base of Bihar is Pak-Afghan. Ranzt to end Pakistan was part of the trade.

India has succeeded largely in its conspiracy because Afghanistan has reduced its reliance on shipping goods from the world to Pakistan, which can be estimated in addition to stats, along with traders from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. Zia-ul-Haq Border, the official and leading businessman of the Pak-Afghan Joint Chamber, says, “In the last few years, the Pak-Afghan transit trade has suffered irreparable damage and now more transit to Afghanistan. Iran is inviting “Find great disappointment in these traders Or they say that if they had been cleared fifty trucks a day are now three or four trucks a day clearance.

This is what India wanted, and it is stepping up its target in a phased manner, providing Afghanistan with expensive air transit in Pakistan’s hostility in June. The first air cargo aircraft launched in this regard deliberately traveled from Kabul to New Delhi, where about 60 tonnes of merchandise from Afghanistan reached New Delhi and thus the regular launch of air cargo was launched between India and Afghanistan.

Second installment of air cargo from Afghanistan to India!

The purpose of this aviation service was to send a message to the world that access to important global trade markets via freight aircraft to Afghanistan through drought-hit Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been relying on Karachi port in Pakistan for its foreign trade before, but now it is declining because India first operated the air cargo service between Kabul and New Delhi and then in Bihar in September. India sent its wheat through Afghanistan’s port, remembering that India’s reversal also caused two fears that Pakistan had allowed Afghanistan to send a limited number of merchandise to India via land route. By the way, Afghanistan was not allowed to import from India.

Sartaj Aziz, deputy chief of the Pakistan Planning Commission, has said that his country wants to facilitate Afghanistan in terms of trade transit, but according to him, Indian goods trade cannot be allowed to transfer to Afghanistan through Pakistan. Talking to the media earlier in the day, he said that Pakistan wants to resolve all trade and trade disputes with neighboring Afghanistan, but Kabul is reluctant.

Sartaj Aziz said Pakistan is also willing to put aside political differences and lack of trust on trade issues with Afghanistan as it is an important issue for Afghanistan but does not allow Pakistan to trade with India from the ground up. Can Due to this deprivation, India first operated an air cargo crossing from Kabul to New Delhi.

Second installment of air cargo from Afghanistan to India!

The goods were sent to Kabul, so even if seen in this first flight, than India’s hundred, Afghanistan sent 60 tonnes of goods, which was heavy in India, these figures clearly indicate that India is sending its goods through this transit. It is desperate to deliver Central Asian states to Afghanistan and beyond at affordable rates.

Afghanistan should take nails in these situations to build its relations with Pakistan under its own interests, although many times Afghan rulers have said that they will never give priority to India’s interests over Pakistan’s interests. On the contrary, it should have been that Afghanistan would have seen these situations in light of their own and Pakistan’s relations, but it was India’s own interests that were more dear to Pakistan than its own, which led to Pakistan-Afghanistan relations. Trade is negatively impacted by trade volume between the two countries R fell far short of the annual $ 1.5 billion.

More efforts are being initiated by India and the latest action in this regard is that India has now started direct flights from Kabul to Mumbai during the weekend, expanding the scope of air cargo. The second aerial route between the two countries is gone. Earlier, freight has been launched by a plane between Kabul and New Delhi. To make this year even more compelling, India has announced that it will not charge tax from Afghan traders.

Second installment of air cargo from Afghanistan to India!

The tax exemption was given so that Afghan traders could be invited to trade with India. Nothing can be said about when the tax exemption will go away, but it is likely that India will make the process faster. Because on one hand he wants to oust Afghanistan’s trade from Pakistan and on the other hand he wants to control the Afghan market, it can be estimated that six months ago, Kabul and New Delhi. The freight aviation service, which began in mid-September, is now worth about $ 200 million from Afghanistan. Therefore, the natural ingredients used in dried fruits and medicinal plants have been exported.

The Indian government aims to maximize Pakistan’s trade. No matter how much India is harming it. India’s anti-Pakistan policy has reduced the volume of trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan by 40%. India Pakistan is providing maximum facilities to Afghan traders in opposition, in response to which Afghanistan is also accelerating the TAPI gas pipeline project and efforts are being made to complete it as soon as possible. India will reach the next destination.

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