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Accountability in Saudi Arabia after Pakistan?

In the presence of Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif in Saudi Arabia, the Pakistani media had either no light or deliberate misconduct in this regard, and there were weird hints in which the NRO, cases. News of Nawaz Sharif’s exile in the wake of the abolition was just as news of Nawaz Sharif’s meeting with National Security Advisor Nasir Janjua in Islamabad was sparked, though some sources say the day he met. The news went on that day that Nasir Janjua may not have been in Pakistan. What gestures? The first spectacle in Pakistan took place when suddenly Shahbaz Sharif was summoned to Saudi Arabia. This was because of the announcement by Nawaz Sharif that he would replace Shahbaz Sharif as the next prime minister in the event of electoral success.

Accountability in Saudi Arabia after Pakistan?

So first or foremost, as the future Prime Minister has been called Saudi Arabia …! This impression was particularly ridiculous, after which rumors spread that Nawaz Sharif’s visit to Saudi Arabia would argue that Shahbaz Sharif’s “negotiations” with the Saudis had succeeded. After that, Nawaz Sharif also leaves for Saudi Arabia. After that, Imran Khan, Asif Zardari and other politicians ran horses without criticizing Saudi Arabia for not going deeper into the matter, saying that Saudi Arabia’s policy in Pakistan would not work, that another attempt by the NRO would be unsuccessful. Did not exist from the beginning.

When a former Saudi diplomat who served diplomatic responsibilities in Pakistan was approached in Riyadh and tried to find out the truth, he said that nothing had been done by the Pakistani media or politicians. After knowing all these matters, it is not understandable that the Sharif brothers went to Riyadh. What is their job there? Khwaja Saad Rafiq and other nun Ligi are in Saudi Arabia on which campaign? From this it seems likely that a great deal of effort has been made to give the impression that the Saudi authorities are going to re-form the new league.

۔ The Nawun League, which was formerly led by Nawaz Sharif, is now headed by Shahbaz Sharif, so there are other important Nunn Leghis who, in their view, are nothing more than a political ruse. ۔ To this extent the Noon League has told the truth that the Sharif brothers visit is a personal one. We too will call it a personal visit because during this visit some questions have been asked which have nothing to do with Pakistani politics but there are issues regarding business partnership with the exiled Saudi princes during Sharif Brothers.

Accountability in Saudi Arabia after Pakistan?

First of all, keep in mind that at this time there is no person in the Saudi Establishment who belongs to the reign of Saudi King Abdullah. Currently King Salman bin Abdul Aziz is in government and his son Mohammed bin Salman is running the affairs of the state. According to the royal decree, he has also been appointed as the head of the Committee on Anti-Financial Irregularities. By his order, the most important princes were arrested on corruption charges. Two of them are sons of former Saudi kings. One of them is Mubib bin Abdullah, the son of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, who was the commander of Saudi Arabia’s most sensitive military force during the reign of Abdullah, as well as the younger son of the former King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, Abdul Aziz bin Fahd bin Abdul Aziz. Who was allegedly shot dead during resistance to arrest.

Another prince, the son of the former Wali Ahad Mashal bin Abdul Aziz, was killed along with his colleagues as helicopters roared near the Yemen border. Some believe he was fleeing to Yemen for fear of arrest, but his helicopter was dropped. One of the most important princes is Walid bin Talal bin Abdullah, considered the richest man in the Middle East and whose wealth is estimated at over $ 18 billion.

Mubib bin Abdullah, son of former King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, who had a compassionate hand on the Sharif family during the Musharraf era, had to be hospitalized for possible torture in connection with the alleged corruption. According to sources, it was obtained after submitting seventy percent of its total wealth to the national treasury. Similarly, it has been reported in connection with Amir Walid bin Talal that he has been ordered to deposit half of his wealth in the national treasury.

Accountability in Saudi Arabia after Pakistan?

Before getting involved in all these matters, the current Saudi government removed all the former government officials from their positions. At that time, anyone who holds any office belongs to the current government. An old-time minister, a deputy has even been changed to a lower level official after which important members of the royal family were handed over.

In this situation, can anyone assume that the Saudi government or other authorities will be interested in any of the nine league matters? Also, keep in mind that Saudi Arabia is currently experiencing the worst of its history. Globally, the United States is playing a double game with the Arabs, the region’s economic conditions are no longer what they were ten or fifteen years ago.

So in these situations, if one thinks that the Sharif brothers in Riyadh are currently dealing with the Pakistan-run anti-corruption cases, they will have to provide a facility or NRO.

He lives in the fool’s paradise. Such news has certainly been heard that during the previous exile in Saudi Arabia during exile, important issues have been asked regarding the business affairs of the Sharif brothers with the Saudi royal family.

Accountability in Saudi Arabia after Pakistan?

In all these cases, the statements of Imran Khan and others against the Saudi NRO on the basis of ignorance are understandable, but the opposition to the NRO by Asif Zardari is beyond intellect. The current leadership, along with many other elements who are drowning in corruption scandal, sincerely want Nawaz Sharif to become an NRO, whether through Saudi Arabia or in Pakistan, because in this case he will also receive relief. Hope to meet but this is not going to happen.

In Saudi Arabia, those who had financial issues in their place but in other Gulf states, the issues will now open with time. According to sources, many details regarding Zardari’s assets have been provided by the UAE authorities to Pakistan before Asif Zardari’s attempt was to move those assets to the West as soon as possible, and the assets in Ishaq Dar’s UAE. Have begun to unfold.

In addition, strict laws regarding financial corruption and money laundering all over the world will make it difficult to hide any illicit wealth in the future if the law and order situation in the world remains intact. Of the impossible. Therefore, from this angle, thinking that Saudi officials are dealing with Pakistan’s “future leadership” in the context of Qatar and Yemen, this idea would be called mere idea.

Saudi Arabia is fully aware that the Sharif family has fulfilled its political age in Pakistan. In the past, the kind of compassion placed on the Sharif family by the Saudis not only included the desire of King Abdullah, but more. The “international elements” were included. According to an Arab source, in the past, during the reign of the Sharif family, the Lebanese political and business al-Harari family has also had ties, the introduction of the Sharif family reached Shah Abdullah through Lebanese former prime minister Rafiq al-Harari.

Accountability in Saudi Arabia after Pakistan?

Some sources say that Saudi Arabia is no happier with Saud al-Hariari’s policy, so it is possible that the Sharif family’s business contacts with the Hari Harri family have also been answered. However, more surprising revelations will be made in the coming days. But in all these cases, there is nothing that has been reported in the Pakistani media.

For the Saudis, the stability of Pakistan is very important for their survival in the Gulf. They know the degree to which the situation has turned. The situation in the Arab world, especially in the Gulf, is very tense at that time, which is a joint army of Islamic countries in Saudi Arabia. It has been formed and is headed by former Pakistani Army Chief General Raheel Sharif. This can also be considered as Pakistan’s leading role. What role might the Pakistani military have in the region, as well as in the Gulf countries in the coming years? This estimate is enough to highlight its importance.

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