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Donald Trump also in disqualification?

History has testified that the United States has always considered its duty to interfere in the politics of every country in the world, especially in developing countries, so in any country in the world, the results of elections were not favorable for anyone. The only allegation was that Americans are involved in electoral rigging. Some of the same ideas that we Pakistanis have always had about the United States. We have been accused of creating or destroying governments, succeeding or failing. Currently the United States has to sit down not only the opposition but also our governments The brave hand of the United States is visible behind every move of the United States. In the face of all this noise, when we hear the news that US elections are rigged, we find this news to be false, and we cannot believe that the US elections.

Donald Trump also in disqualification?

I can do any fraud other than the US, and even the rigging that would lead a person like Donald Trump to see the entire United States take on the presidency, however, is a fact that we have in the US election fraud news. No matter how unreliable or untrustworthy it is, but for the American people, this is the greatest truth today. And the circumstances indicate that the time is not far when that truth will become a sharp-edged sword of inability for Donald Trump, whose deadly avoidance will not be easy for the US president, whose first start in the United States Former adviser National Security and President Donald Trump’s close aide Mike Flynn has admitted in court that he had lied to the FBR over his relationship with Russia during a raid.

The stock markets have seen tremendous upheaval, in which case Mike Flynn has become a pardon witness and confessed to his lies. After that, new questions have arisen about whether Trump’s son-in-law, Gerardkash, also confessed to Russia before Flynn confessed to FBI investigators in January in which he spoke about his conversation with the Russian ambassador. I made a false statement Mike Flynn held five meetings with Russian ambassador Sergey Kaslyak before taking over from Trump in December last year and discussed information on sanctions on Russia. It was also noted that the 2016 US presidential election reportedly took place. Investigations into Russian interference are widespread in the United States and Mike Phil N-Trump is the first official in the government who confessed to relations with Russia, also being named the first nail in Donald Trump’s political coffin Mike Flynn was fired in February, a month after he was appointed adviser to National Security.

Donald Trump also in disqualification?

A few weeks before his dismissal, the US Department of Justice warned the White House that Mike Flynn had begun private talks with Russian officials at the same time that Donald Trump did not take over as president. It was based on this that Flynn could be easily blackmailed to serve American interests. The same thing would happen if US Attorney General Sally Yates, who was fired by Donald Trump for violating the presidential decree, said Yates said that Flynn had told White Ambassador White about the nature of his contacts with the Russian ambassador to the United States. The House was misled and feared that the basis of these links could be blackmailed into major nationals as well as the seriousness of the matter and the sensitivity of the investigation in this regard can only be assessed.

That the US Senate Intelligence Committee has established the world’s three largest tech companies, Facebook Twitter and Lafayette, the parent of Google’s parent company, has asked that it also present it before the Investigative Committee to provide evidence of Russia’s interference in the US presidential elections in 2016. Who will provide the details requested by the companies before the Committee? Facebook has confirmed that they have actually received a student summons before the US Senate Intelligence Committee asking for clarification. If they have any evidence that social media and online advertising are being influenced by Russian or Russian citizens In addition to being presented, the full details of the Tech News Stories on social media have also been sought on the Internet during the presidential election.

Donald Trump also in disqualification?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that he will be the head of the US Senate. The intelligence will cooperate fully with the committee, while Twitter and the Google administration have refused to openly talk to the committee about the matter, but sources claim that Twitter and the Google administration have before the Senate committee Intended to provide all the documentary records, which proves that the Russian presidency in the US presidential election is indeed The Fahey agency tried to impress, while an American news channel also claimed that President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Gerard Kushes, had instructed Mike Flynn to contact Russian officials, after which the Senate intelligence committee’s demo Crete Members have said they will also re-ask the Cousins ​​in this regard: Robert Muller, a special investigator investigating claims of Russia’s interference in the US presidential election, has accused Flynn of contacting Russia.

Now the question arises whether Donald Trump is also ours Former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif is going to write the scandal of disqualification on his forehead? For that, we have to first see if a president is likely to be disqualified under the US Constitution. The only answer I can answer is yes, because after being proven treasonous bribes or other major crimes and petty crimes called misdemeansors in the US Constitution, the American president can be disqualified by means of prosecution in the United States. The president or official can be removed from office.

Donald Trump also in disqualification?

The step of the House of Representatives can be taken by the House of Representatives and only for approval. A simple majority is needed. The bill also appears in the Senate later, but it needs a third majority to be removed from office, with two presidents in American history, Andrew Johnson and President Bill Clinton facing this process of disqualification in US House of Representatives. But both have been fortunate, and the two presidents who have been left out of the clutches of disqualification, including Bill Clinton, who suffered due to obstruction of justice, not only spoke of his relationship with Monica Liu Nisaki.

Lie but allegedly prompted Monica to forget the lie, the first of two accusations that she was accused of In favor of the motion, the decision was made from 228 against 206, and 221 votes against 212 in the second charge. According to studies at that time, Bill Clinton’s reputation was 72%, but in 1999, the Senate could not get a two-thirds majority. The president who was elected was Andrew Johnson, the 17th US president, who is also sure of Donald Trump, the two US president who approached US political analysts in 1868.

Donald Trump also in disqualification?

According to opinion polls, his reputation has risen to a halt, which is probably why Trump made the most unpopular decision to relocate the US embassy in Jerusalem to Trump’s latest attempt to impress dissident Americans. Because in the most unusual circumstances, Trump can protect himself from the consequences and then the chronic discomfort that results.

The Trump administration is well aware that the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is the cause of a major tragedy in the world, and then based on the tragedy, Donald Trump has attracted the attention of the American public to his inability. But in practice it seems difficult because the Trump measure’s decision has truly left the United States alone in the world, which is in retrospect against Trump’s self-styled plan.

And public opinion among the American people is going against the Trump government on a daily basis because Americans who are viewed with appreciation around the world today are under severe criticism simply because of their government policies and the common American. Not accustomed to tolerating this critical attitude, it can be said that the reasons why Trump’s disqualification has arisen today may never arise again, for example by Russia’s intervention in the US election by the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump also in disqualification?

Russia’s computer system hacking Trump to harm Russia by further hacking and secrets of the Democratic Party Alania’s allegations are really serious and serious, and then during Mike Flynn’s election campaign and even after Trump’s victory, Mike Flynn’s ties to Russia are also a crime because an American citizen is a foreigner to US diplomacy in his personal capacity. Can’t negotiate with the US government or negotiate with foreigners, while Mike Flynn’s role has been transparent, so the issue of Russia, on which President Trump’s disqualification is certain, has come to fruition. Due to the controversial role of US President Donald Trump, this question has been raised in the US and internationally. Or have I often come across who will resign in the event of a US president’s trauma or disqualification?

An American news website has also put the question in the light of the law, which states that the presidential succession The law of the United States can be called a reversal in this regard, when the law was enacted in 1792, in the event of a sudden passing of the president of the United States, the president of the Senate would be made president. The law, which was last amended in 2006, now includes 72 cents on the list, which the US president has suddenly passed away from the world. In case of incompetence or disqualification, they can take their place, which is just waiting for Donald Trump to become ineligible.

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