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Confrontation with ideals negates democratic tradition!

The transparent election of the history of Pakistan was made by Yahya Khan, but the results were politically acknowledged and left the country in the past. The attitude of politicians in the past is a black matter in the history of the country, still criticizing the institutions still living in large public positions. Black chapter has been adding to history, if past rulers have been criticizing the judiciary and are on their way to clash with institutions, then everyone is saying bad things that happened when Chief Justice addressed the Lahore High Court Bar. Speaking of political speeches and expressing his anger, the judiciary’s verdict speaks and judges can be seen at any moment.

Confrontation with ideals negates democratic tradition!

The politics of the yacht should not be done only by issuing decisions, the domestic system should be kept on the path to improvement. In the national period, all nationals are in huge deficit as the administration of political institutions destroys institutions due to unnecessary extra recruitment and other issues and corruption. Elections are now near and no special constitutional amendment has been made that will see progress towards change of system and solution of problems. Transformation of electoral judicial system in Pakistan should be top priority for resolving problems Imran Khan New Pakistan Slogans and Nawaz Sharif also quit after the Panama case decision But neither of them is ready to inform the nation either explicitly or in detail about the process of forming a new Pakistan.

Election tribunals are constitutional for 4 months after the 2013 elections, but they did not give decisions for 4 years and their duration was extended. Will there still be an election under the same electoral system? By extending the Election Tribunal period again, decisions will not be made during the entire assembly period. Will feudal capitalists and wealthy once again be able to participate in the elections and only the wealthy will reach the assemblies? By all means will an Ideal system be found? Will the new administration become a province? Not a face-to-face system. And change.

Confrontation with ideals negates democratic tradition!

I think this is unlikely to happen so far the population of the UK is around 6 million but the number of seats there is around 600. Pakistan has a population of 22 million, so the provincial breakfast constituency here should be declared as the National Assembly constituency. And 2 provincial seats should be formed in each constituency, elections should be conducted under the biometric system and proportional representation system should be eliminated so that no money is lost or direct candidates are eliminated from politics. It will be possible to eliminate the involvement of the capitalists in politics and the spark of wealth.

The Election Commission should be constituted by the Supreme Court and the Election Commission should ensure strict adherence to the electoral expenditure limit. The amendment of the Constitution will extend the term of the Army Chief, Prime Minister, Chief Justice and Chairman Senate to 4 years and the Army Chief is the most senior. Generally, the judicial system, which could not be compromised, should also be made effective by constitutional amendment and appointment of additional or session judge in every tehsil is required. There should be a High Court in each division. Thus, the Supreme Court should have a bench in every province. And the number of judges has to increase so that people can get justice at their doorstep. So if a person makes a case for taking his right, he is given a date on the third generation who will sit all day and bribe him for a new date in Syria till he is released from the police station. The court and the judicial system will not be right until the problems of the people cannot be resolved.

Confrontation with ideals negates democratic tradition!

By amending the constitution, the judiciary is bound to decide that a civil case should be decided every year for 1 year while a criminal case should be made within 6 months. The police and the police station cannot be changed unless the merit system is adopted and Without non-political speeches, change of system could not be better. Government jobs are sold for millions of rupees. Now IG Sindh has merit in Sindh Police, so every effort is being made to remove them from office. There is also a process of blowing up the merit of resources by creating new management plans. The correct distribution is possible, however, the administrative provinces should not be named on the basis of lunacy.

There are only 4 foreign affairs in the federal defense and treasury. In addition, the administrative provinces are autonomous and the provinces have a few issues with all other matters. Appoint the District Tehsil and Union Council Municipalities are such that all development funds are spent through the municipal bodies, but the local member is a member of the National and Provincial Assembly and the Development Board, and it is the development board that will formulate and monitor the development plans of each district. And the Development Board is the head of each district’s development projects Anne Rules and the Development Fund should be through the local deputy commissioners ascii no shortage of problems in the current system is just showing off.

Confrontation with ideals negates democratic tradition!

The current Demo Christie is actually a Draco Christie, which is the political party in which the party elections are fair, the party is run like a personal feud here and the common man can not even be the head of this party under the guise of party office and public office. Confined to their families.

Come on In this election, the people should use the vote wisely because at present there is no hope of changing the destiny of this nation and the solution of the problem. Then for 5 years they will have no idea.

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