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Lack of free facilities at Mayo Hospital

Karachi: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar reaches public after taking notice of the problems of Chief Justice of Pakistan. Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar has been hearing the notice of non-availability of basic facilities. Remarks during the report that according to our report the quantity of arsenic of drinking water in Punjab is very high and is being played by the people. Chief Justice, during the hearing, complained to the Chief Secretary Punjab and immediately visited Mayo Hospital. The Chief Justice has ordered the separation of the male and female wards. Government negligence in supply will never be tolerated: A bench comprising Justice Omar Ata Bandial and Justice Ijaz-ul-Hassan, headed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Lahore Registry, hearing the notice of non-availability of basic services to the citizens.

Lack of free facilities at Mayo Hospital

Expressing gratitude to the Chief Secretary, “What are you guys doing? What are the measures being taken by the Punjab government for health and education? Do you know the amount of arsenic in drinking water in the homes used in hospitals, colleges and schools?” What is the quality of water in private colleges? How are providing water to the people, not getting clean water, you know how many problems the citizens are facing. Government is not fulfilling its responsibility. Water and health facilities should be the top priority of the government. What facilities are available to the people in Punjab?

The court itself will look into the matter and give a detailed report. Chief Secretary, We are in Lahore for a week. You should leave all your engagements and stay with us. You know how many problems the citizens have with getting clean water and clean water and health. Standard facilities should be the top priority of the government but it is not fulfilling its responsibility. Government negligence regarding the villagers will not be tolerated. The court should be told what the Punjab government is doing to provide facilities to the citizens.

We have taken steps for the facilities in Karachi and now it is the turn of the Punjab. Visit Mayo Hospitals to see what facilities are available After Chief Justice Mayo arrived at the hospital, Justice Ijaz-ul-Hassan accompanied by Pakistan Bar Council Vice Chairman Ahsan Bhoon and Chief Secretary. Chief Justice made emergency watch ward Summit New Surgical Tower. And visited various parts of the hospital Expressing gratitude at the gathering of Retired Wards, he asked why women and menial wards were created together in the hospital. The Chief Secretary said that due to the increase in the number of patients, there were some female wards in the few wards. Male and female wards should be separated throughout the hospital The Chief Justice ordered the hospital to set up a water filtration plant and also advised the patients to inquire about whether they were getting free and standard facilities. If you have any complaints please tell us now.

Lack of free facilities at Mayo Hospital

Patients’ heritage doctors and other employees were waiting in several wards, including rust emergency, in 3 cooler bins of water receiving test money. Patients were instructed to buy medicine. Two patients on a bed in a dirt pile emergency in ward wards recommended good medicine. Survivor MS Dr Tahir also disappeared after hearing of disappeared phone call Chief Justice Lessons learned of the expected arrival of Chief Justice Lessons learned from patients in PIC on recommendation of doctors on Rush in cleaning gangaram at Jinnah Hospital.

Despite 2 provincial ministers of suspected health care under pressure, hospital conditions continue to worsen Officials are working on matters in the health department of the health department, the director claims the emergency free medicine in the Mayo hospital has become a dream, while tests are also taking for money. On the other hand, the doctor went to the hospital again. According to details, the administration of Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar’s report on the emergency arrival of the hospital tried to correct some hospital issues and Ms Dr Tahir Khalil Secretary Health Najam Shah Chief Secretary Punjab Zahid Saeed misappropriated the Chief Justice. But immediately after the chief justice’s departure, when the investigating team n After visiting the Mayo Hospital with the media, it was found that there was no free medicine available at the hospital nor the MRI machine was working. In the hospital, 3 coolers of water could be shut off while 2 coolers were rusted. Many of the hospital’s machines were also damaged.

Immediately after the departure of Justice, senior doctors professors also disappeared from the hospital. MS Dr Tahir Khalil closed his phone and he did all the good instead of treating the patients. Investigations that disappeared from the report also found that the heritage doctors and doctors of patients in several wards, including the emergency It was also learned that, not the MRI machine at the other side of lazmyn were waiting.

Lack of free facilities at Mayo Hospital

Endoscopy and CT scan machine worsens every week, causing hundreds of patients to undergo expensive out-of-phase tests every week, despite the Chief Minister’s order that patients receive huge money for tests at Mayo Hospital. The patients also started crying for treatment and the current Emergency Director Dr Javed Munir kept on dealing with other doctors instead of urgent treatment and there was a shortage of nurses along with doctors at Mayo Hospital.

He was ordered to buy medicines from the existing medical store instead of providing medicines free. He said that two patients were hung on a bed in an emergency and there was a media closure on the bed. Free are not available only medicines are provided very cheap Good medicines get recommendations Recommended Last day, many people kept pushing for medicines with written receipts from doctors when Chief Justice Mayo was present at the hospital. According to spokesman Akhlaq Ahmed, advices were also issued to other hospitals in Lahore to remain alert. After which the gate of the Punjab Institute of Cardiology was closed for the patients, the gate was opened for about 40 minutes after the media opened the matter, and the patients inside were told by the administration that if When an officer asks about the treatment physician, it is best to tell that many patients at the hospital were waiting for turn 3 hours for receipts in the hands when it was learned that the arrival of the Chief Justice is to present the professors and other senior officers.

Immediately told to check on patients started at Gangaram Hospital Outdoor where patients are suffering On the other hand, there were many patients outside the emergency room for their treatment. The media team rushed them to the doctor. Doctors complained that the protocol was very common here. How to see if there is a protocol in the assembly of the members, then there are patients from government parties and doctors, which delays the treatment of the general patients. The government has made two provincial ministers of health, but where the patients are treated in the hospital. He is the provincial minister who is doing a lot of work at the Mayo Hospital Regarding the beat, Director Emergency Dr Javed Munir claimed that all the cases were going well but after hearing the patient’s complaints he could not respond but confirmed that some machines were malfunctioning.

Lack of free facilities at Mayo Hospital

MRI has been placed in the machine building but work has not started yet as far as the outdoor section of Mayo Hospital is concerned, the situation is slightly better now. The sanitation system has been improved. However, Ali Hajwari Drug Bank is doing exemplary work in the outdoors, which is under the auspices of Mayo Hospital while in the private sector under the aegis of Dr. Zahirul Hassan Mir, where hundreds of people receive free medicines daily which is to be appreciated Mayo Hospital Management Neglected Dozens of machines in the hospital become a scrap heap Provincial Health Minister Punjab Khawaja Salman Rafiq Secretary Health Punjab Najam Shah has quietly taken ill on bad machines in the hospital. Hundreds of patients are feeling humiliated.

Appeal from Punjab Chief Minister to take notice of the situation, says Mayo Hospital The administration removed attention from improving the hospital’s performance, including CT scans worth crores of rupees worth of neuro-angiography litho-tripsy and CBC machines, causing coronary artery disease and other diagnostic test patients. Sources say Rs 10 crore is being spent on the emergency block The Pay Scan CT scan machine has been damaged four times in the last one year and Rs. 3 crore has been spent in the name of repairing it. Similarly, neuroangiography machine installed worth Rs. 15 crore has also been badly damaged. Urology ward’s lithotripsy machine worth Rs 8 crores has also gone unnoticed.

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