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Will the next elections be on time?

Will the next elections be on time? Will the democratic system continue to operate under the constitution or will there be any direct or indirect intervention? Will there be any attempt to get rid of Pakistan’s popular political leadership without any evidence of corruption in the Panama case? Will there be no other way to get rid of the popular political leadership, as Ms Benazir Bhutto was martyred? These are the questions that are posed at every event nowadays.

Will the next elections be on time?

The question arises that when the Musharraf regime was ending, terrorism was ruled in the country, bad governance, new schemes of power were not started due to wrong planning, even though the day that Musharraf took power. Power was excessive in the country on that day, the energy sector is the backbone of the domestic economy, but the worst load shedding and the worst gas shortage on Musharraf’s rule have worsened the economy.

As everyone knows what the governance situation was during PPP government, load shedding reached twelve to eighteen hours, no gas was available for industries, no one was ready to come to Pakistan because of terrorism and Karachi situation. But, surprisingly, in the worst case scenario, no one was asking in 2013 whether there were any elections or not.

Many policies of the Nawaz Sharif can be disagreed, but honest analysis will have to be taken to believe that during this period many major development projects were completed, natural gas was imported and imported into the country. Not only big projects were started but many were completed (surely after the completion of the project, electricity will be cheaper too). The economy of the country was brought back on track; major infrastructure projects are in the final stages of completion. Most of the motorways have been completed under Nawaz Sharif’s plan to connect the same motorway, and the remaining ions It will be completed in two to three years and Pakistan will be connected to a motorway.

Will the next elections be on time?

All major and reliable international economic institutions have also identified economic improvement in Pakistan. As soon as the current government started, the government headed by Nawaz Sharif to improve the law and order situation of the country’s economic capital Karachi. Decided to go and broke down a coalition of some forces in Karachi for decades and started operation which gave results in a few months.

All measures against terrorism were also taken and constitutional amendments were made in this regard. It turns out that international events are coming to Pakistan, not just matches like PSL, and the current situation “whether there will be elections or not” is probably the reason why much has been done right now. It’s going well and it’s time to eat the ripe fruit.

There were reports of the Panama Papers in 2016, details of those who created offshore companies. There is no doubt that many big businessmen and government officials pass tax evasion or corruption money out of the country and this is kept in the accounts of illicit wealth companies, but it is also a fact that across the ocean Residents have to become an offshore company for their property and tax management when buying property through legitimate sources in many European countries, and in most cases this is the case.

Just like Imran Khan also bought an offshore company called Niazi Services Limited when buying his London flat. The ICIJ is the company that reported the Panama Papers. It also clearly states in its report that forming an offshore company does not necessarily mean that the money is earned from illicit sources, it is to be seen that Did the individuals who created offshore companies also earn money from illegal sources?

Will the next elections be on time?

About 500 people came from Pakistan to the Panama Papers, the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s name was not in the Panama Papers. To get rid of popular political leadership, conspiracies began to collapse through riots and riots since the advent of the present government, some justified, some never cleared, and then Panama was not excused. There is no evidence of corruption, no allegations of corruption at all, the Sharif family’s position on London flats is very clear. That family chief Mian Muhammad Sharif, who was also the country’s largest industrialist before Nawaz Sharif, got his flats as a result of the investment, Mian Sharif is no longer in the world. Nevertheless, complete details of the investments and mini-trails have been provided, none of which has yet been proven to be wrong.

The case came to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court constituted a six-member JIT headed by Wajid Zia for further investigation of the Panama case. According to sources, the immediate and hasty action of the team was not possible. In such a short period of time, JIT can collect a base of irrelevant and irrelevant evidence. Those who are aware are well aware that all the evidence was provided to JIT, whose fact may have brought JIT, including Wajid Zia. They were knowledgeable and they made these claims and made big claims.

When the JIT investigation report was submitted to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court ruled on technical reasons. Zusrif disqualified Nawaz Sharif was disqualified for not declaring his son’s unpaid salary, on which the petitioner of the Panama case Imran Khan also said that “the case belonged to Panama and was disqualified on another basis.”

The case was referred to the Accountability Court, as the case proceeded in the Accountability Court, Nawaz Sharif Mary Safdar, Hassan, Hussain Wadigar appeared, but on the other hand, members of the JIT, especially Wajid Zia, who were trusted during the investigation of the Panama case. And he used to listen, and that was no longer the case. When the accountability court judge asked Wajid Zia about the JIT investigation report, he could not defend him effectively.

In the accountability court, Wajid Zia’s statements are contradictory and his body language also makes it clear that “there is some blackness in the pulses”. It is certain that this investigation report by JIT. It is the responsibility of JIT to prove or dispose of the characters in any case. However, the accountability evidence presented so far has no weight or is irrelevant.

Will the next elections be on time?

An accountability court judge also raised questions about witnesses ‘contradictory statements on several hearings. As the case progresses, it is likely that witnesses’ contradictions will increase. It seems likely that J. In the IT report, the plot to trap Mian Nawaz Sharif has been taken and anecdotal evidence has been resorted to whose fort is now open in accountability court.

If the witnesses continue to make contradictory statements in such a way, then there is a strong possibility that Nawaz Sharif would not have survived in these cases. Relief will also be given to Sharif, but the chances are low because those who can make the JIT report report as baseless and irrelevant documents will not back down without punishing Nawaz Sharif in any case.

So whether there will be elections or not, this question is directly related to the completion of development and development projects in the country in the last five years. An unbiased analysis of facts only shows that the performance of the current government in the last five years also. Like the previous governments, today everyone would have to believe that elections will be on time.

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