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The Election Commission was also mobilized

The Election Commission has banned the promotion of development schemes and schemes in all four provinces and wrote a letter to the Chief Secretary Punjab regarding the campaign. The letter states that the opening and closing of all development projects will be banned on the basis of the next election. Ministers, members of the National and Provincial Assembly and the moderators cannot even open or co-ordinate development projects.

The Election Commission was also mobilized

Secretary Election Commissioner Babar Yaqub Fateh Muhammad directed that all display centers should be open at their own time for guidance. A meeting was held in Lahore under the chairmanship of Secretary Election Commission which reviewed the progress on revision of electoral rolls.

These centers have been set up all over the country where 10 million 42 million voters can contact them for registration, emission and accuracy of details by the 24th of next month. Information and complaint centers have also been set up to facilitate voters. Anyone can get their voting registration details by typing in their national ID card number at 8300. Two days were left for the Election Commission to submit objections to the new proposals.

The deadline for filing objections is April 3, while 375 objections can be submitted to the Election Commission. According to the details, the highest number of objections have been submitted from Punjab and Islamabad with 186, while Sindh has received 112, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber PK and 47 from FATA. The Working Committee’s Special Committee on Electoral Constitutions of the National Assembly prepared five recommendations on the delimitation, the committee recommended that the constitutional amendment of the census be taken back with a new constitutional amendment.

The Election Commission was also mobilized

Constitutional amendments can be made on the old constituencies under the upcoming general elections under the constitutional amendment, amending section 20 of the Election Act to hear the objections of the constituencies, forming a Federal Inquiry Commission. Complete inquiry into the jurisdiction of the Commission committees and their members Should Qat, under Article 184 of the Constitution, take notice of the mismanagement of the Supreme Court constituencies and pass the resolution on the recommendations of the National Assembly Working Group, five recommendations will be sent to the Special Committee.

The working group’s special committee meeting was chaired by convenor Daniels Aziz on Saturday. Concerning the report compiled by the Convener Committee Danial Aziz, the members informed that the Election Commission’s own rules regarding demarcation have been violated in all the national and provincial constituencies of Punjab, 141 of the Punjab National Assembly and the Provincial Assemblies.

Violations of the rules have been disclosed in 297 constituencies, 15 of 61 of the Sindh National Assembly and 121 of the 130 constituencies of the Provincial Assembly have been found to violate the rules of delimitation, the Election Commission said in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 18 out of 39 in the National Assembly and 88 in 99 of the Provincial Assembly violated the rolls. Rules violated 3 of 16 of the cat’s national assembly and 10 of the 50 constituencies of the provincial assembly also required the rules to limit the electoral boundary from Wushima to the east and the “zig zag” style. However, this approach has not been implemented in many constituencies by the Election Commission.

The Election Commission was also mobilized

He said that the purpose of the Working Group was to formulate its recommendations regarding deadlines. We do not intend to interfere with the work of any other organization. We do not want to delay the elections. There has been a lot of evidence that the Election Commission Not only did the locals review the electoral boundaries but only maps were drawn, it appears that these maps were prepared by the children of the seventh party, the quality of the Election Commission maps was poor, it was learned that the law Gohi and Tehsil words are not included in the Election Act and Rules, but the Election Commission will issue a jantification. The reforms were both used to the limits impressed.

Election Commission officials did not even mention the names of the members of the delimitation committee, the Election Commission did not even tell about the qualifications and past experience of the delimitation committee members, after many questions from our Election Commission officials. I stopped attending the Working Group meeting. The work done by the committee members will be made public, the committee members cannot hide the facts, the Election Commission will have to explain the procedure to be adopted in the selection of the committee members.

The Working Group recommended a federal inquiry commission be renewed. Investigating the motives of the Arbitration Committee, the Inquiry Commission can arrest and investigate the members of the constituency. Senate Pervez Rasheed has said that the PML-N is being weakened before the election, following the recommendations of the National Assembly Working Group.

The Election Commission was also mobilized

The Election Commission plans to hold judicial oversight elections, but monitor the response of such judiciary to fair elections. Doubts will arise. The PML-N did not even wish to meet with the Prime Minister and Chief Justice Saqib Nisar. The Prime Minister will know if he briefs. Shahid Khawakan activist was not the PML-N but the state I met with the Chief Justice as Rabra.

The political parties must agree on keeping all institutions within limits. The 2013 elections were also overshadowed by the judiciary, but many parties raised questions about transparency. Now this is going to happen. Responding to a question, Pervez Rashid said that when the elected prime minister of the country was sent home on unfounded assets, foreign investors have changed their mind about Pakistan. Be done.

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