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How does the funny thing happen?

Newspaper news stories that are translated from English can sometimes be funny. The bombings in Syria reported the death of six people, but the newspaper had a headline: “Dhamma happened in Sala Haidin, Aleppo area of ​​Aleppo.” What would the ordinary reader think of “Sala Haidin”? This is actually Salaheddin, which the translator made unbearable in a sense of insanity.

How does the funny thing happen?

Apparently, this region of Aleppo is named after the great conqueror Islam Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, who was the Sultan of Syria and evil Egypt. And Lebanon, Jordan Palestine, Hijaz and Yemen were also involved in his rule. An Iraqi province is also named Saladin, whose capital is Tukrit.

Sultan Salahuddin was born in 1137 by Najmuddin Ayub at a crossroads in the city of Takrat, on the banks of the River Djilah, and in 1187 he was released from the paws of the Jerusalem Crusaders and then the Third Crusade (1189 to 1192). Had made

In a newspaper, Ibn Battuta’s cover is hidden from Dr. Sajid Khakwani’s pen. In it, Ibn Battuta’s birth is called “Nangir”. Dr. Sahib may have written “Tangier”, which got worse in composing, but this Tangier is actually Tangier in English. Its original Arabic name is sarcastic, with a different accent in the Kaveri languages. The shoreline is located on the western Moroccan coast of Morocco on the Moroccan coast.
From here, Tariq Bin Ziyad’s army crossed the Strait and landed on the coast of Jail Altar (Gibraltar). Renowned Muslim physician and philosopher Ibn Rashid Pranarji translated the book with the city of Morocco (then capital) and wrote the country’s name “Mara”, though Morocco itself became morphed into English. ۔ By the way, the country we call Morocco is its original Arabic name al-Mugharb and its capital these days is Rabat.

Remember that the official language of Morocco is Arabic. In the article of Khakwani Sahib, Sumatra is mentioned more than once on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Dr. Sahib further writes that when he (Ibn Battuta) entered the mainland India, according to himself, it was the date of September 12, 1333. “Ibn Battuta wrote the Hijri date in his travels” Rohla “, not the history of the English, Because the Hijri calendar was prevalent in the world at that time, and nobody knows the Unger, the Julian calendar, Ahmed wrote a column in a major national newspaper.

How does the funny thing happen?

He wrote in a column that Ganga, which flows into Azad Kashmir, is called Ganga. This is what is called Ganga in India, which passes through Bangladesh and goes into Khaleej Bengal. Due to the similarity of names, they made a mistake. Kishan Ganga is actually our river Neelum, called Hindukush Ganga and it meets Muzaffarabad river Jhelum, while India’s Ganges flows from Himalayas to Himalayas and meets Allahabad River, and then Brahmaputra river in Bangladesh. The Gulf of Bengal joins with.

There is also a river Jamuna in Bangladesh which is a branch of the Brahmaputra river. Raza Ali Abadi was quoted in his column “Dosarakh” and wrote in Malaysia where at one time dangerous criminals of black water were sent there to marker, Now that country is a haven of peace. ”Black water is referred to in the geographical term of the subcontinent as the Andamans of the island, which has nothing to do with Malaysia and is located about 1,000 km northwest of Malaysia in the Bay of Bengal.

In 1857, Mujahid Azad Maulana Jafar Shah Thaneseri was sent to black water after he was sentenced to “habus parbat bawor river shore” and when he returned after cutting the punishment, he wrote his own by the name of black water. The Andeman Islands are closer to Myanmar (Burma) than India, and the islands south of them are closer to Sumatra, the barred Nashik island.

How does the funny thing happen?

But when the British imperial departure from the subcontinent in 1947, the two confederates were given to Algeria India. Likewise, Laksa Island, located in the north of the Maldives, also went to India. Deeper or Deeper means island. That is why Sri Lanka was formerly known as Sarandeep. Our Chaudhuri is a tourist who arrived in northern Norway where the midnight sun is visible.

He wrote in his column “I stood at the North Pole”. In fact, the Pole and the Pole stood at the North Circle, which has a latitude of 66.5 degrees and is visible at Parker half the sun. The circle passes through northern Norway, Finland, Siberia (Russia), Canada and Alaska (USA).

One senior columnist wrote in one of his columns: “All the harem, including the house of the Ka’bah, was plowed and (karmati) Hajar Asud was taken to Bahrain. For 90 years, the pilgrimage is halted. ”The point is that the Ka’bah is straight from the time of Ibrahim and it has been rebuilt, but no one has ever demolished it. The Kurmatias massacred in the Haram on the eve of the Hajj in the fourth century AH, and Hajar Asud Bahrain (the eastern Saudi province of Sharqia) was taken up and occupied for twenty years.

It is not correct to stay in Hajj for 90 years. Hajj continued. The incident of terror of Qar-e-Matufi is not that of “Mahmud Ghaznavi era” (388-421 AH), but of 318 AH a century ago and Hajar Asud “was not on the financial offer of Mahmud Ghaznavi, but in the Abbasid Caliph Matiullah era. Was brought back to Mecca in 339 A.H. In the same column, he wrote that so much from the Jewish Romans Did not hate the Muslims as much.

How does the funny thing happen?

Despite all good treatment, facilities and privileges, a large number of them left Palestine and settled in Europe and Russia. In fact, the Jewish exile was implemented in 137 under the command of the Roman Caesar Hadrian and then scattered throughout the world. By and large, Britain did not give Palestine a quarter of the territory to Jews and a quarter to Muslims, but the UN General Assembly divided Palestine in October 1947, with 55 percent of the area being allotted to six million Jews. 45 percent of the area was abandoned for the 2.5 million Arabs, but the Jewish state of Israel fought in the war of 1948 and increased its territory to 78 percent.

Nineteen years later (not fifteen years later) in June 1967, Israel occupied all of Palestine. And Shah Hussein did not deliberately withdraw from Jerusalem and West Jordan, but the Arunite army fought the Israelites for an end to Palestine. In fact, Jordanian airspace was very weak and Shah Hussein was repeatedly asking for air support from President Nasir, but escalator Nasir deceived Shah Hussein, while the Egyptian Air Force blasted Israel on June 6.

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