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New Provinces in National Politics, but Really!

Shahbaz Sharif, the nominee of the PML-N, for the first time since his election, attended the Workers Convention in the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and launched a campaign for the PML-N in the province. Meanwhile, some members of the PML-N who joined the PML-N at the behest of the then military establishment in Election 2013 have announced that they will go to the polls from the platform of the South Punjab province front, led by Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar. Chairman of this front, Mir Baloch Sher Mazari, a prominent Baloch Sardar of South Punjab and co-chairman, Nasrullah Darshak, the other Chief Baloch, have been appointed while PML-N Secretary Information Samiullah Chowdhury along with his wife, Member of the Punjab Assembly Sameera Chowdhury.

New Provinces in National Politics, but Really!

The southern Punjab province has become part of the front and he has been appointed vice president of the “front”. The PML-N member of the Nankana Sahib, Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Tariq Bajwa has also left the party angry and dissatisfied with his party’s National Assembly and federal minister for affairs Azad Jammu and Kashmir Gilgit Baltistan Chaudhry Burgess Tahir. Chaudhry Burgess has announced to contest the National Assembly elections against Tahir. He believes that Hamza Shahbaz Sharif has given importance to Chaudhry Burgess Tahir instead. Likewise, Ali Asghar Munda Advocate will contest the National Assembly election in a free manner against Rana Tanveer Hussain, leaving the PML-N due to his strong differences with Member National Assembly and Federal Defense Minister Rana Tanveer Hussain.

Ali Asghar Munda was not given the PML-N ticket in the elections 2013, but was replaced by Mian Muhammad Saeed Tirupuri, an old ally of the PML-N, when his party, Jamaat-ul-Ulema-e-Pakistan, won Nawaz Sharif. Mian Saeed Sharqpuri was left with the PML-N, and then in 1997, when his younger brother Mian Jalil Sharqpuri, who was elected a member of the National Assembly on the ticket of the PML-N, joined the PML-N. After leaving Musharraf, he was made chairman of District Council Sheikhupura instead. However, Mian Saeedas remained steadfastly supportive of the PML-N. Ali Asghar Munda Advocate alleges that Rana Tanveer Hussain was instrumental in delivering the ticket to Mian Saeed Sharqpuri.

New Provinces in National Politics, but Really!

So Ali Asghar Munda stood against Mian Saeed Purpuri as an Advocate Independent and after defeating them he was again in the PML-N. In fact, Ali Asghar Manda is a Muslim Liege. In collaboration with Sheikhupura Member of the National Assembly Mian Javed Latif, he made special politics. Rana Tanveer Hussain and Ali Asghar Munda Advocates ‘Mian Javed Latif and Arif Sandilah’ Chaudhry Burgess Tahir in Nankana and Chaudhry Tariq Mehmood Bajwa in Rana Sanaiola Khan and Chaudhry Ali Khan in Faisalabad. I could not reach a compromise between Malik Nadeem Kamran and Syed Imran Ahmed Shah. Similarly, in other districts of Punjab, there are differences between local factions which could have a negative impact on the PML-N’s election results.

Hamza Shahbaz Sharif has a very important role in Punjab politics which does not seem to be. Some of Hamza Shahbaz’s direct selfies have been causing more anger than Mian Hamza himself, and now that the elections are in the head of 2018, such movements will have to pay for the Muslim League-N, not Hamza Shahbaz. Rana Qasim Nun, who defeated the PPP ticket by Syed Ashiq Hussain Bukhari of the Muslim League-N in Election 2013, was given the wrong decision by Hamza Shahbaz Sharif by giving a ticket in place of the children of Dewan Ashiq Bukhari in the by-election. Is now experiencing an outbreak.

In fact, at this time, Hamza Sahib does not remember how Rana Qasim Nun had previously taken the “Sharifs” as a minister of Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi in the Q League government. Another member of the National Assembly, Chaudhry Tahir Iqbal, who is visiting the southern Punjab province, has been chewing his nose at Vehari by revolting against Tehmina Dultana, the Muslim League-N leader. He had also won this seat in Elections 2013, defeating Tehmina Dultana, but Chaudhry Tahir Iqbal was inducted into the PML-N by the kindness of his party’s central vice president and brave activist.

New Provinces in National Politics, but Really!

The opposition in the League N has gone. Another prominent figure is from the prominent political family of Muzaffargarh. Syed Abdullah Bukhari, father of Syed Basit Sultan Bukhari, has been a prominent political figure. Basit Sultan Bukhari’s younger brother Syed Haroon Sultan Bukhari is the Minister of Housing in the Punjab government. Leaving his party should also be a moment of thought for the leadership of the PML-N.

Now we come to what is the southern Punjab province front? In fact, no one can resist the division of provinces and the establishment of new provinces on the administrative basis of Pakistan. Hundreds of military establishment officers who want to shut down the PML-N polls in 2018, as well as oppose the release of the PTI. They have used the problem of division of provinces in Pakistan by making timely decisions. Interestingly, the majority of journalists, including us, and all major political parties in the country are in favor of dividing the provinces on an administrative basis. So as the Muslim brothers of the Muslim League (N) have tried to reduce the votes of Nawaz Sharif through the Tehrik-e-Libek Pakistan and the National Muslim League, so did the South Punjab province front.

Whose purpose is to bring the “Sanjrani-type” Prime Minister by joining the family of Bhavan Math after the election. Some people would be reluctant to use the terms of my military brethren, but the fact is that in the general elections, their interference in domestic politics has been to such an extent that pushing people from here to there is empowering the likeminded people. ۔ I remember an incident after the 2014 visit to the wedding of the daughter of the late Foreign Minister of Pakistan and the daughter of late politician Mian Mahmood Ali Kasuri and Mian Bakhtiar Kasuri. According to the time on the wedding card, when I arrived at the farmhouse with my colleague photographer Gul Nawaz, the wedding ceremony was held, the host was accompanied by Mian Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri, the only distinguished guest General Moinuddin Haider with Mian Bakhtiyar Mahmood Kasuri.

New Provinces in National Politics, but Really!

Were present. After greeting, we all sat at a table. Both hosts were up early, but most of the visiting guests were former generals and brigadiers visiting our volleyball table. Another journalist, Tanvir Shahzad, besides me, was the sole politician, Ehsan Wyn, an advocate. In an article published in the National Horizon regarding the sit-in 2014, the sit-in master had declared the five military generals in the mind to be retired in the coming months. General Moinuddin Haider quoted this column as saying. Tried to take a peek and said that the soldiers had no hand in the sit-in. General Sahib said one and a half words to which I replied in Turkish: If you do not enter politics then tell me the general election at the military intelligence office, Mr. Tariq Majid and Mr. General Janjua present around the table. Why are there charts indicating who will win and who will lose?

I told the participants of the event with my journalist Nadeem Alawi late to go to the office of MI Punjab. At that time, the commander of MI Punjab was Brigadier Syed Ghazanfar Shah, who was my two year junior at Government College Rawalpindi. Shah Sahib was a resident of Wah Kent and the president of the Students’ Union of Government College Rawalpindi had a huge role to play in the elections of 1969-70. Both men confirmed my point. General Moinuddin Haider said, “We make this chart so that it can keep track of the situation.” I was concerned that the military brothers should focus on getting acquainted with military affairs rather than political issues. I argued that you do not force people to vote, but you arrange for candidates and thus form a government of your choice.

New Provinces in National Politics, but Really!

Now that the election 2018 is coming. People are watching a game like this in the past. Meanwhile, the courts are playing against the PML-N. It is said that PML-N will suffer after being punished. Now, the Muslim League’s test is that if the expected punishment is done, do not let the protests be colored so that the election destination is lost. Nawaz Sharif cannot be jailed for more than ten days. Nawaz Sharif will be guaranteed in the High Court of Appeal against the judgment of the accountability court. Therefore, the PML-N should try to reach the election in any case in which the people have the power to defeat the supremacy of the voting forces.

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