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May 1 is World Labor Day

May 1st is a day of labor and labor around the world and is celebrated globally with great enthusiasm. One day Chicago is commemorated by the workers who sacrificed their blood in the struggle for their rights in 1886, and taught workers around the world that they were entitled to the rights of class in the capitalist system. There should be a step-by-step approach to unity and solidarity.

May 1 is World Labor Day

In Pakistan too, this day is celebrated with great determination and dignity, and fun organizations across the country reiterate their commitment to continue their historic struggle for the protection of their legitimate rights and to build a fair looking economy. Today, the working class has become an effective force and voice in every country of the world.

The workers played a very active and proud role in the national independence movement. In our own homeland, the workers, along with their peasant brothers and the poor, have always played a proud role in the struggle to restore democracy. Workers from all over the world celebrate their International Day of Festivals on May 1st. On that day, the martyrs of Chicago pay tribute to the workers who sacrificed their lives and offered their blood, renewing their commitment to keep their burning torch high in their strong hands.

The world knows that the labor force is suffering from the scourge of exploitation and deprivation of resources from its hard-earned wealth due to resource deprivation. The son of a laborer still eats bread. Capitalists consider the labor rights to be shunned and expect them to continue to work hard day and night to increase their wealth.

In 1886 the martyrs of Chicago raised their voices loudly. He demanded that the laborer be treated as human and not be forced to act like an animal. He organized and organized daily protests to determine the hours of the day and to stop the inhumane violence of the workers and to launch peaceful demonstrations and rallies on the streets to reach these demands.

May 1 is World Labor Day

It was unacceptable for the capitalists that the workers whose importance was greater to them than to any animal came before them and spoke of their rights. So they smashed their chests with bullets to silence the voice of the workers forever. Despite this extreme form of oppression, the workers, instead of being low-key, were raised and raised their necks. With the blood of the martyred comrades, he made a red flag.

This red flag became a symbol of labor struggle for a living world, and as long as the world is still standing, the flag will continue to commemorate the martyrdom of the workers. Eventually the blood of the oppressed brought blood and the oppressors became helpless and helpless. The oppressed laborers have succeeded in suffering persecution. I consider myself right in writing that for the first time in Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto joined the workers’ rallies on May 1, 1972, under the rule of Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

The face conceals all its desires in its heart. There was a time when a family member was earning and everyone was eating, but in today’s time, all the households have to work in the morning with both hands. There was a time when bread was cheap. I remember that with the naan being given a year and a half for free, Thamgar, in this modern age, man is bleeding for bread.

May 1 is World Labor Day

One day I went to a local police station for work, and there I saw a baby caught in the pocket. Upon inquiry, it was learned that the child had been caught in a robbery case before and had been imprisoned for a few months. The main reason for all this is that he has to fill his stomach. I asked why this kid was using his handcuffs so the answer was that he had been caught earlier and the addict was guilty.

I was very upset and I asked the kid why you did it? So he said that my mother was ill, father is dead. I am the eldest of the house and I am unemployed. Upon hearing this, my body was shaken and I remembered Hazrat Umar ibn Khattab’s saying that if a dog thirsty died on the bank of the river, Umarto would be the answer.

And the book should be that today they are handcuffed with Mobil Oil, Grace and Gasoline, yet we expect Allah’s help. The workers of Pakistan love their countrymen immensely, the candles of faith and unity are bright in their hearts.

Their blood contains a passion for hard work and struggle. In fact, hard work is their faith and their greatness. Workers of Pakistan have a prominent place all over the world and their capabilities are acknowledged by the whole world. These workers are working day and night to build Pakistan. Not only today, but during the time of establishment of Pakistan, these workers have performed numerous services for the establishment of a new Islamic State and since the establishment of Pakistan our workers have been active under this spirit.

May 1 is World Labor Day

Pakistan is a developing country and working as a backbone. Respect for the workers is essential to speed up the country’s production process. The present government of Pakistan acknowledges their greatness and hard work, most of the steps and problems are being solved but the salary of the laborers is very low today. The inflation has broken the backbone of the laborers. He renews the pledge that he will only build his capabilities for the development of Pakistan and try to achieve his demands by remaining peaceful.

The secret of the prosperity of the factories, workshops and industrial enterprises and the prosperity of the nation lies in the labors of the workers. The Holy Prophet says that on the Day of Resurrection there will be three men with whom I will contend, one who made a covenant with my name and then broke the covenant. (That is, evil). Secondly, the person who kidnapped a gentleman and freed him and sold him and paid the price, and the third person who appointed a laborer to work on a labor consolidation.
Then he took the whole thing and paid him his wages, or paid him the equivalent of his hard work and hard work.

In my view, the celebration of May Day began long after the rise of Islam, according to Islamic rulings, not just a day’s work is celebrated as a global day, but also a partnership between the employer and the mercenary to protect the rights of the workers. There are always rules at all times.

May 1 is World Labor Day

Our Prophet Hazrat Mohammed himself grazed the goats, carried the goods of the people? Took part in the digging of the trench. Even in spite of being a great soldier of the Muslims, he should be clothed with clothes, even on the occasion of hunger, he would put stones on his stomach. Today, we have to make a commitment that harmony between country and labor is to be made in accordance with Islamic principles in all walks of life. Therefore, the working brothers should seek guidance from the prophet Babar, rather than the union leader for their rights. Adopt Islamic principles yourself and try to Islamize your society. It is the solution to our problems and it depends on the success of our world and the hereafter.

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