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A new generation of information technology China’s breakthrough

It must be admitted that, mainly due to historical reasons, China is still unable to “lead” in the new round of scientific and technological revolution, but it is certainly not “following”, but efforts to achieve “and run.” Taking patents as an example, although the number of patents in China has increased rapidly, it tends to be biased towards application and lacks basic patents. On the whole, due to the backward history of our country in the past few hundred years, we cannot expect this situation to be completely changed in a short period of time.

Many commentators now believe that a new round of scientific and technological revolution is likely to make breakthroughs in the new generation of information technology, life sciences, new energy, quantum computing, etc., and in terms of China’s actual situation, a new generation of information technology may be the most promising. Make a breakthrough.

First of all, the new generation of information technology belongs to “the world’s most concentrated R&D investment, the most active innovation, the most widely used, and the largest technological innovation field in the use of radiation.” It has a large proportion in the fourth scientific and technological revolution and is very young. The leading edge of developed countries is far less obvious than in the traditional field, so relatively speaking, China is more likely to make breakthroughs in this field.

Secondly, the Chinese market is also a major advantage for us to develop a new generation of information technology, which has been proved by China’s position in the Internet industry. The marginal cost of information technology is extremely low. Compared with traditional products, the big market benefits are more obvious in information products or services. Therefore, the great advantage of the Chinese market will play a more powerful role in the field of new-generation information technology than in the traditional technology.

Finally, we should fully understand China’s talent resource advantages. As we all know, talent is the first resource, and in the field of information technology, the role of human resources is often more prominent than in the traditional technology field, especially the technology that relies mainly on software. Talent is not only the first resource, but sometimes the “only” resource. . It is recognized that China’s talent resources are not only leading in quantity, but also excellent in quality. It can be said that the Chinese people’s intelligence and innovation ability is very prominent. As for the diligence of the Chinese, there is almost no difference in the world. Based on these reasons, we believe that China has a large competitive advantage in the field of new-generation information technology and can largely compensate for the problem of poor foundation.

Of course, we must also calmly see that some of the problems caused by China’s backwardness in the past few hundred years cannot be solved in a matter of decades. We should have sufficient mental preparation for this. As the saying goes: “According to the law, it depends on it, the law is in the middle, it depends on it.” We must strive to achieve the next-generation information technology field from running to running, and then leading, even if this goal can not be achieved, at least can do and run, if it can lead in some aspects, it is better It is.

At present, in guiding ideology, we should clarify the guiding ideology that “development is the first priority, talent is the first resource, and innovation is the first impetus.” Correspondingly, we must actively follow up on some specific policies and measures to support innovation.

It is necessary to give full play to the enthusiasm The scientific and technological talents can’t stay, and the use of funds has not played a role. This is the “difficult problem” in the field of scientific research. In this regard, it is necessary to learn from the experience of developed countries and give more power to science and technology personnel. At this stage, the blockade and suppression of China’s science and technology enterprises and scientific and technological talents by external forces are not transferred by our will.

We should be more determined to be based on ourselves, while still insisting on openness and learning advanced technology as much as possible under conditions. In addition, we must attach great importance to the cultivation of talents, the future of China, and the hope of China, among young people. It should be pointed out that talent training must keep pace with the scientific and technological revolution and cannot be fixed. For example, in ancient times, students were required to teach abacus skills, while modern schools needed to teach students computer skills. Some people think that it will not be long before artificial intelligence can make ordinary multi-language translation and communication skills readily available. Under this circumstance, foreign language teaching may be simplified for the cultivation of general engineering and technical personnel.

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