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Indian freedom movement Kashmir and Indian aggression!

The struggle for Kashmiris has not begun since independence, but the struggle began in 1931 when the dreamer of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal Rahmatullah, first celebrated Kashmir Day on August 14, 1931 in Lahore. The independence movement of Kashmir began in 1832 in the Pulandri Aurang area, where the rebels were …

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Will the next elections be on time?

Will the next elections be on time? Will the democratic system continue to operate under the constitution or will there be any direct or indirect intervention? Will there be any attempt to get rid of Pakistan’s popular political leadership without any evidence of corruption in the Panama case? Will there …

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How does the funny thing happen?

Newspaper news stories that are translated from English can sometimes be funny. The bombings in Syria reported the death of six people, but the newspaper had a headline: “Dhamma happened in Sala Haidin, Aleppo area of ​​Aleppo.” What would the ordinary reader think of “Sala Haidin”? This is actually Salaheddin, …

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