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Donald Trump also in disqualification?

History has testified that the United States has always considered its duty to interfere in the politics of every country in the world, especially in developing countries, so in any country in the world, the results of elections were not favorable for anyone. The only allegation was that Americans are …

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Mall Road has become a sit-in point

Lahore’s roadmap has turned into a cross-meeting point. In the coming days, employees of various departments and other people sit here to allow the injustice done to them to the upper chamber. The demands arise only upon acceptance. The Mall Road is the best platform for protestors of any political …

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Planning to turn sure success into failure

Although the general election has not yet begun, but two months before the assemblies dissolve, electoral activities have begun. PML-N Leader Muhammad Nawaz Sharif President PML-N Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz are demonstrating their political strength by addressing the big gatherings, PTI also compared the ‘membership campaign’ He has …

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