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Dream of US occupation of Middle East resources!

In the world where piles of weapons are being piled on one side, hunger pangs on the other are increasing day by day, on the one hand there is talk of peace while on the other hand the so-called war on terror for the capture of global resources. Most countries …

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The Election Commission was also mobilized

The Election Commission has banned the promotion of development schemes and schemes in all four provinces and wrote a letter to the Chief Secretary Punjab regarding the campaign. The letter states that the opening and closing of all development projects will be banned on the basis of the next election. …

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May 1 is World Labor Day

May 1st is a day of labor and labor around the world and is celebrated globally with great enthusiasm. One day Chicago is commemorated by the workers who sacrificed their blood in the struggle for their rights in 1886, and taught workers around the world that they were entitled to …

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