The time to propose is approaching! Let us help you make it amazing!

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Whenever I meet a couple for the first time for our intial consultation, I love asking fun questions like “How did they meet?” “What do they like to do together” and of course “How did he propose?”  The last question is my favorite because I can see the groom starts blushing a little bit, and the bride starts getting giddy.  There has been so many times though that the groom tells me his plans didn’t happen as he expected or wanted it to and the photographer they hired did a terrible job capturing the moment.  It’s a spur of the moment type of thing, and  like your wedding, there are no do-overs.  Asking your girlfriend to marry you is really the moment she has been waiting for her entire life, and it’s the most anticipated moment until the wedding of course! But trust me, the “popping the question” part, us girls agonize over it and when and how it will happen!  I want to make things a little easier for you and at Wynn Austin Events, like our events, we want to make the moment go flawless and special for the both of you.  For the groom, whom I’m sure is already so nervous as it is, let us take care of everything for you so that all you have to do is show up!

So Grooms,  what is covered in Proposal Plannning?

*The How:  We will work with you and brainstorm on different ideas on how you would like to propose and where.

*The Plan: We will design and set up and execute out all the fun things that we come up with together.  We will also be there (incognito) to make sure everything goes as planned!

*The people: We recommend documenting with a photographer, or even video and will refer you to the most amazing people with crazy long lens to capture the moment without spoiling it.  Duh! (You’ll be surprised the stories we hear!)

The time to propose is approaching so please contact Wynn at or (858) 334-9059 so that we can give you a customized proposal and pricing.





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About Wynn Austin

Wynn Austin, the owner of Wynn Austin Events is well known by her peers for her fun sense of humor, chic style, and passion to help people. She graduated from San Diego State University with a BS in Finance. She worked in the financial industry for over 10 years holding the title of Vice President. Although she achieved much success in the finance industry, Wynn wanted a career that encompasses her passion for people and creativity. Today, she lives with passion by helping couples plan a timeless wedding that is uniquely theirs.

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