Gorgeous Feather Clutches Back in Wynn Austin Collection

I am so excited to have Sara C back in my boutique.  Her clutches are absolutely gorgeous and they are all handmade by her.  My favorite in her collection are her gorgeous Ostrich Feathers clutches! They come in White, Ivory, Black, and my favorite the Dove Grey.  With all of the clutches, you get to pick the color of the lining of shantung silk of your choice and also have two line message embroidered inside.  I just love feather clutches! Something about this is so airy and romantic! If you are incorporating feathers in your wedding, this clutch is a must have! What a beautiful keepsake that you can use again.

Also, if you happen to need one in a custom color, just shoot me an email and I’ll see if we are able to do it.  Email: info@wynnaustincollection.com

International orders are also welcomed! Please email me to order: info@wynnaustincollection.com

You can purchase the clutch in my online boutique Wynn Austin Collection



wynn austin collection dove grey ostrich clutch sara c accessories Gorgeous Feather Clutches Back in Wynn Austin Collection

Dove Grey Ostrich Feather Clutch with Dupioni Shantung Silk Lining in Custom Color with Embroidery

white ostrich feather clutch wynn austin collection handmade Gorgeous Feather Clutches Back in Wynn Austin Collection

white handmade ostrich bridal clutch with silk dupioni shantung lining with custom embroidery

il 570xN.284312580 Gorgeous Feather Clutches Back in Wynn Austin Collection

Black Maribou Feathers Handmade Clutch

Wynn Austin

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Wynn Austin, the owner of Wynn Austin Events is well known by her peers for her fun sense of humor, chic style, and passion to help people. She graduated from San Diego State University with a BS in Finance. She worked in the financial industry for over 10 years holding the title of Vice President. Although she achieved much success in the finance industry, Wynn wanted a career that encompasses her passion for people and creativity. Today, she lives with passion by helping couples plan a timeless wedding that is uniquely theirs.

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