Introducing Our New Intern {Candice Saucier}

It is my pleasure to introduce our newest intern Candice Saucier!  I absolutely adore Candice, her positive energy, and friendly personality!  These are all the best attributes in a successful wedding planner!

DSC04729 768x1024 Introducing Our New Intern {Candice Saucier}


Candice Saucier is very organized, imaginative, and a sincere individual who cares deeply for the happiness of others. She is a creative individual who is passionate for the world of design and weddings. It has been a passion since she was young, and upon her graduation from the Design Institute of San Diego with a BFA, this solidified wedding coordination as her lifelong dream. She enjoys experimenting with color and with her quirky design style of modern elegance she tries to create new and innovative designs for her clientele.

Candice’s Tip:
One of the key elements in order to have a successful wedding is to experiment with color and style while making sure the design reflects both personalities of the bride and groom.

Wynn Austin

About Wynn Austin

Wynn Austin, the owner of Wynn Austin Events is well known by her peers for her fun sense of humor, chic style, and passion to help people. She graduated from San Diego State University with a BS in Finance. She worked in the financial industry for over 10 years holding the title of Vice President. Although she achieved much success in the finance industry, Wynn wanted a career that encompasses her passion for people and creativity. Today, she lives with passion by helping couples plan a timeless wedding that is uniquely theirs.


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